Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hey guys, I'm kinda here.

Uhg. Thesis.

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Nicole said...

ngh ngh ngh ngh ngh!
Yesterday was my first day back after easter break and they're telling us to start our dissertations now (although we 'should have started them a while ago') and I'm thinkin' "OH CHEESE DIP! WHAT!? I DUNO WHAT I WANT TO DO THIS ON!! NNNNnnnnngggghhh!!! D8" *rips out locks and locks of hair in sheer terror!*
Also it apparently has to 'inform our practice' so I should probably pick somethin' reeeally interesting to me.. ugh. What do I find THAT interesting?? I DON'T KNOW! Why am I such a dunce-tard??! bah..

The very best of luck with yours, though ;3;