Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Portrait finish

So I kept noodling this shit like crazy. I completed it like a week this extra week and a halph [my keyboard is broken and one oph my keys aren't working. Guess which one?] I've been wanting to lodge a bullet in my brain.

I can saphely say I am please we're done with Illustrator. 5weeks is much too long to be still on it IMO.
I'm not much a phan so I'm biased. Haha.

Anyways, my writing class has been riding my ass. I had to pump out a rough drapht [aprox. 1968 words] which has to be 3,000 in the phinish. Ohh lord. Haha. I am enjoying it though, I've actually based the whole story on a comic page I did phreshman year. I'm really liking how its going and I may just draw it up when ever I have some time phor myselph. I've been too busy sewing clothes to make money to eat and shit. I need a break just to have a little phun. Can December 12 be here already? Jesus. Well, hopephully I'll have something worth uploading sometime soon.

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