Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wrestling and ComputerILL

So for my Illustration class we're illustrating some story which uses professional wrestling as a metaphor for a failing relationship. It pretty weird and the story sucks. I really didn't think I'd like whatever I was going to do for it but I was really wrong! I'm developing a really cool inking style that I can't get enough of. Anyways, the paisley on the bed looks way too busy I know. But I'm going to throw it in photoshop and colorize the lines to match in with whatever flat colors lay beneath it. I also plan to make the two values very similar. It's due thursday soo..I'll probably upload the finish around then. Im excited to work on it. Haha.
And for my computer ill class we're starting photoshop and doing character concepts...So thats going on. I am done with my values/drawing and am ready to paint! I'm doing something halloween themed since I lovvee the holiday.
So yeah theres that. And I'm throwing in a sketch I did over the summer that I liked.


Anonymous said...

I fucking love your inking style, Cass. You should make a tut of it.

Anonymous said...